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This Saturday I have a birthday gathering at some friends’ place. Since this is nothing big, just a nice get together, I am thinking of wearing something like this. The weather is slowly transforming, but we are not yet hitting Fall. Hence, a pair of capri jeans with a bottom-up in white adapts well to this kind of “not sure of how to act” weather. And as I love accessories so much, a nice statement necklace is mandatory along with the red lipstick! Yes, it’s a casual occasion, but that doesn’t mean leaving my style behind haha…



Last Fall the news broke in: the Montreal Fashion Week was no more. The organizers decided to put the bi-annual event on hold for a while to better focus on the Mode and Design Festival that started yesterday with a talk led by Garance Doré. This was a big shock not only for fashionistas but for local designers who used to showcase their creations during the Montreal Fashion Week.

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I am Karla ©

I am Karla ©

This morning, before leaving for work I went to my bedroom to look for something. As I was entering the room, my heart felt happy. After months of putting on a good effort to decorate the new apartment, all seem set now. And I am quite satisfied with the results. I have no idea what the future holds for me in the real state department (this is a rented flat, so buying is definitely on the cards… at some yet to be defined point). All I know is that as of now, this is and feels like home to me :)



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Paris is the quintessential reference in pretty much everything: literature, cinema, romance, food, fashion and the list goes on and on. More »



I know that my presence here is more and more rare. I truly apologize for that. See? My normal life is always packed with so many activities that sometimes I need to get a day off to just rest a bit. During Summer time this is even worse! After struggling with hard Winters, most people like to enjoy the Summer as much as possible. Hence, there are so many things to do and try, besides the usual business of having a job and a series of responsibilities at the professional and personal level. So, just like a nice background story, let me tell you that after my return from my European Vacation in May, the number of projects and things to do just grew in a kind of exponential manner. I started working a bit more hours a day, I ran a 5km Race at Night!!! and a few weeks later, all the festivities in the city began. First the Grand-Prix F1, then Francofolies, followed by the amazing Jazz-Fest (see my instagram for some pics).

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