Despite being a bit less constant in my writing throughout 2014, I was definitely very present in the reading side of the blogosphere. There are so many great blogs and webzines from which I got all sorts of information and nice ideas! Most of these spots were inspiring and made me want to improve my own blog… that’s to come, I can tell you hihi. More »


This year was fantastic in so many ways. It brought me a lot of new things from great experiences, awesome people, much knowledge, fun, food, music and hopefully a bit of wisdom. I have always been a very curious person, but I feel like 2014 was the perfect year for me to push this outgoing and exploratory nature of mine to the next level! I have talked to you so many times about my trip to Europe (I know, getting borderline annoying here haha) and also visiting New Orleans for the first time. But beyond all the wonderful places I had the pleasure to explore¬†this year, some other exciting things crossed my path. More »


Wishing you wonderful holidays filled with much love, peace and joy!! All the best!!

Bisous, besos, beijos, baci, kisses,

Kali (I’m on the road, so my usual signature is stored in my hardware not in my cellphone)….

Just a few of my wonderful 2014 moments

Just a few of my wonderful 2014 moments

2014¬†was marked by so many wonderful moments. Maybe it was this shift in my mindset that makes me focus on the positive things in life rather than ranting about the negative aspects of every situation. Whatever the reason is, the whole year was amazing and even in those less than perfect moments, I learnt a lot and became a bit stronger than before. Some of my favourite moments this year were: More »


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To be honest, this 2014 was not for me a very rich year musically speaking. I do have some favourite music moments and artists, but compared to previous years, I feel like the list is quite shorter. In fact, I don’t really have new artists on my list, as you will read in a moment. This year was more about connecting music to my emotions and particular moments of my life, or particular favourite things, like dancing hehe. So, here is my 2014 list of favourite music (in no particular order): More »


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