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It seems that this year Fall decided to come a bit earlier… If that only meant that it will last longer *sigh* haha. Anyway, we need to start getting the warm clothes out of the closet. This time I am focusing on details, like the nice hat or the trench and of course booties and gloves. The scarf is definitely the touch that completes the whole look. I’ve seen a trend in scarves that I quite like: Fall coloured long scarves. So, my current fashion challenge is to find the perfect long scarf haha.
What I love about Fall is the fact that temperature is cool enough to rock nice coats and high heel boots along with light scarves. Once Winter hits, bye to all of these chic accessories haha… but please, let’s not think about that and better enjoy the moment!
Are you getting ready for Fall?



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As you already know, almost three months ago I spent a few weeks in Spain . I already talked about the Parisian side of my Eurotrip, so, now it’s the turn of Madrid. Since I spent almost 10 days in Madrid as compared to my 3 days in Paris, this post is a bit longer than the Parisian one. I tried to resumed all, hopefully I succeeded. The three elements I will talk about reflect my impressions on the things that grabbed my whole attention. I know however that when writing about such a culturally, historically and artistically wealthy city, a lot of things are left unsaid. Sorry about that, but if you ever have a specific question about a place, please let me know in the comments.

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Radu Juster /

Radu Juster /

After giving my honest opinion about the general aspects of the Urban Fashion Week, now it’s time to highlight the designers that definitely caught my attention. Although I really appreciated everything that was showed, there are some styles that were more appealing to me, because of my age, my profession and of course, my personal taste. So, although I will only mention 5 out of 24 designers, it doesn’t mean that I did not like the other 19, it’s simply a matter of personal view.
Note: All pictures were taken by Radu Juster assisted by Mona Saheli or by Angelo Neri. Thank you to Mr. Juster, Ms. Saheli, Mr. Neri and of course Ndustri that made these images available.  Continue reading “Urban Fashion Week Montreal : talents to watch” »


Fresh from my experience at the Urban Fashion Week, I am glad to present the highlights of the event. Overall, I find it to be a really good attempt to offer a platform for new talent to showcase their creations. If it hadn’t been for the Urban Fashion Week, I would probably have never known of a lot of talented designers that are part of the local fashion scene. Continue reading “Highlights: Urban Fashion Week Montreal / Semaine de la mode urbaine de Montréal” »

The Urban Fashion Week is around the corner!! I can’t wait to be part of such an event, but it also stresses me a bit… I want to look nice, but at this point, too many outfit ideas come to my mind! Here are three looks that I’ve been thinking of wearing:

Option 1: the Preppy Stylish Girl


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