This is huge… really. With my latino hips that definitely don´t lie, the pyjama-style pants or any patterned bottom were out of the table. Even if I don´t follow all of the rules when it comes to fashion (not always a good thing, I must say), my gut always kept telling me that anything too catchy from the waist down was the worst idea possible. Until I found these trousers at H&M… I loved the colour, the fabric, everything. Besides, I was shopping with my BFF, and she encouraged me to at least try on the pants to see how it might look once on me. I loved the result and then, well, yes, it was a happy ending for me and my new pyjama-style patterned trousers haha. Now the challenge is how to wear these new friends. Some ideas are:


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 Please note that, except for the trousers (30$CA), all the other pieces are for demonstration purposes only… I’m not yet in the club that entitles me to get 1500$ tops or shoes.



And another month is over!!! I can’t believe how fast we’re starting the fourth month of the year!! The weather has been so crappy here in Montreal, it seems that Winter hasn’t gotten the memo about taking a long break and give us, tired montrealers a nice Spring.

But well, nothing can beat a wonderful Mardi Grass Evening at the Divan Orange with Speak Easy Electro Swing as a special guest! I loved being all masked, though next time, I will probably get a mask that doesn’t mess with my big nose haha.
March was also (for me) the month of the impromptu visits! I hosted a couple of times without a lot of previous notice, still, everything turned out great at the end (more on that in a future post!).
And this year highlights the entry into a third decade for a lot of people that I know! Sisters, friends, cousins, acquantainces, everybody is turning 30 this year!!! Hahaha. The first friend celebrated in March and had the AMAZING idea of inviting us to a Moroccan restaurant in the Old Port called La Ménara, I had the time of my life and be sure that I’ll be talking about that later and also coming back in the near future!

Good-bye March, hopefully April will bring the Spring at last!


I am Karla

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It’s been almost a year since I parted ways with my dearest friends and flatmates to move into a small one bedroom apartment. I already mentioned something about my new home here. Looking back to what has been accomplished in terms of settling in and get used to live in a new place, I think that everything has turned out to be great! More »

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Feel positive

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It is March 8th 2014. I have been receiving a lot of congrats messages for being a woman. If there is something in this world that I am very proud of, it is the fact of being born a girl. It is not always easy or fair, but life is unfair by  nature, or that’s what wise men say.

Today, in my case, is the day to work harder and speak louder. There is so much to do, everyday, step by step, smile by smile.

And today, March 8th I think of you. You who once told me  “when you grow up, you’ll go to university then you’ll find a job and be independent.” You always believed in me because of who I was and not because of my gender. I hope that wherever you are now, you can see me and feel proud. I understand now the meaning of your message: “when you grow up, you’ll get the tools to lead your way on your own terms.”

Thanks abuelo.

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A short month is just gone and a new one is here with the promise of a better weather haha. Really, I can’t wait for the Spring to come!!
Still, during February a lot of exciting things happened! Like spending time with my best friends at this year’s igloofest! Or going to the MMFA/MBAM to participate in the family activities with one of my nephews (an artist in the making!). Also, Sochi Winter Olympic Games grabbed my attention for quite sometime haha, I’m quite proud of the Canadian athletes that went there to participate in a wide range of disciplines and that made history! For instance, the double gold in hockey (aren’t we the best?), and in curling! Athletes successfully defending their titles (women’s hockey gold medal was the 4th consecutive!!!!) and so on!!

But not everything was about sport at all… and I finally took the decision of getting a new bed. Truth is that IKEA made my life easier by having a sale on beds haha so, as usual, that was a no brainer! And why not finishing the month by going Bollywood?

Thanks February for these 28 great days!



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