Au pied de Cochon: delicious food sugar shack style

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dinned well

Virginia Woolf

A few days ago, Mr. Love and I went to the Cabane à sucre Au pied de cochon after at least 7 months of being in the waiting list! As you can hint, this place offers limited entry and as such, people have to wait for a considerable amount of time before getting a spot. In our case, we agree on saying that the experience was worth the wait!

The concept
The concept is that of a Sugar Shack, meaning, you get all sorts of dishes to share with the people in your table. We were 6: Love, his mom, 3 other members of their family and I. The menu changes depending on the season, for this transition between summer and Fall (Harvest Season) we got the Italian menu. Nevertheless, had we gone in March or April, we would have gotten the maple syrup based menu.

Speaking of the menu
Menu was divided in five services: antipasto, primi, secondi, carni and dolci. Translation: appetizer, first course, second course, meats and desserts. Each service was composed of 2-3 dishes.

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The good
Food all the way! Everything was so tasty! My favourite dishes were the bolognese and foie gras Passatelli soup, the Gnoccis 5 ways : potatoes/ricotta cheese, squash, cauliflower/basil/spinach, parsnip and beetroot/pecorino toscquo served with a cacciatore sauce, the ciambella salata and bomba sauce and the home made burrata cheese with seasonal fruits, tomatoes, basil, mint and plum dressing.

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The nice but…
For me and everyone in my table the Elena’s Timpano Lasagna with zitis, polpette, cotechino, peperonata, fromage de Charlevoix and hard boiled eggs,  was something we could have gotten rid of easily. It was good, but faded compared to the other dishes.

The food for thought (pun intended!)

I know some will hate me for what I’m going to say, but I feel that the whole ratio price/food needs to be revised. Let’s be clear, for the 67$ (plus tax and tip), you have a lot of great quality food. The thing is the “a lot” which means that you end up with gourmet doggy bags (graciously provided by the restaurant) and depending on how big is your group, you have to do a food management exercise on site. Then, even if you bring part of the food home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will eat everything the day after. For me it took like 18 hours before being able to eat something after all I ate at the cabane! And at the end, I had to throw at least half of the leftovers in the compost bin.
If you ask me, I would rather have less food even if I pay a similar amount of money. Because again, the quality was good! The thing is that if you’re paying for something that’s going to end up in a garbage can, in my opinion, the real value decreases.


This was a great experience. The food was awesome, the service truly exceptional and the best part is that all ingredients are fresh. Some come from the Sugar shack own gardens, some are from local producers. And I’m all for fresh and local!



Cabane à sucre Au pied de cochon: 11382 Rang de la Fresnière, St-Benoît de Mirabel, Québec