Cheers to May

May, a beautiful and transitional month. The temperatures are still a bit low, but bearable. Sunny days are more frequent, despite some rain. For many, it’s vacation time! For others, May is often that time for spring cleaning, whatever that could possible mean, from house cleaning and tidy up projects, to food cleansing, Facebook friend lists “purges”, In my case, May means the official opening of bbq season, the closing of other kind of seasons (National Hockey League – NHL) and the transition from Winter clothes to warmer if not totally Summer time ones.

In addition to the aforementioned spring cleaning and friends, May means my return to writing a blog. It has been a while since I have posted anything in here. Many things had happened since I decided to take an indefinite break, all for the better. From new beginnings, lots of adventures and in some cases painful farewells to making peace with myself, and most importantly, finding that I actually enjoy being this imperfect human being. And this is what I’m offering now, a reloaded Karla, with the same essence, because I am who I am and without regrets or shame.

So, May is in some way, my month for a new beginning. And the good thing is that during my break, I got the time to get a lot of cool things to talk about haha. Well, you will judge the “cool” part. The blog is divided in four main categories:

  • Reflecting: or giving my opinion on various things.
  • Exploring: or traveling the world.
  • Accomplishing: well, this is self-explanatory, but believe me, it’s more than just the title.
  • Living: all goes in here, kind of, lol. Here is about enjoying life through reading, exercising, eating, drinking, dancing, etc.

And as you might have noticed, the initials of each category form the word REAL. And that’s my goal with this blog, to keep things real and relatable. To talk about what touches me, inspires me and interests me, always in a respectful yet very honest manner. I sincerely hope you enjoy this new space.

Alors, enough with the blah, blah and let’s get REAL!