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I’m on a mission to declutter my life to make it more pleasant.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, declutter means “to remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful.” If I follow this extremely clear and concise definition, my house is far from pleasant haha but it’s quite functional at least.

Joke aside, I find that removing unnecessary elements from a place is a must that extends to other areas of one’s life. And note that I don’t use the word “things”, but rather “elements” to elaborate on my idea. We live in a world that prides consumption, it’s all about acquiring more and more and more. Whether material things, contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, places visited, photos taken, etc., etc., etc. It’s the never ending story. I am in no way judging this, come on, I’m very active on social media. I am rather acknowledging a phenomenon that directly touches me.

In addition to this online hoarding of all kinds, we have all the relationships established through work, school, leisure activities, parenting, etc. Some of them are acquaintances, some become friends for a while, some forever.
So, putting together the material, virtual and living spheres, at the end of the day, we have a big collection of elements, and not all of them make our lives pleasant. As I said at the beginning, my mission is to declutter my life. It is a short term project, however, it will take a few weeks to be completed. The ultimate goal is to make my life more pleasant and light weight to some extent.
So, here are the main areas that will be decluttered:

  • Closet : it’s like the easiest area, like a basic thing to do. Like if we were visualizing the Maslow’s pyramid, it’ll be the base. Target: to get the essentials, a few accent pieces and give away those garments that I will never wear again. Don’t judge me, we are all guilty of buying without much thinking… or wishing to wear something when we’ll drop a few pounds. I mean, wishful thinking is a thing after all. Expected result: a clean area, possessing necessary things that make me feel good and in which I feel like a goddess… or so.
  • Facebook friends: I love people, that’s nothing new, but… why keeping an acquaintance from elementary school to whom I don’t speak since we were like 6 years old? And let’s be clear, sometimes social media helps to connect people and thanks to it, I have become friends with folks I met back when I was in elementary, junior high or high school. But if you happen to have a contact with whom you never had a friendship back in the time, chances that this person will interact with you on social media are very low. My rule is simple: no interaction, either by likes, comments or messages… you’re out.
  • Photos: no need to keep my cat’s pictures in different angles. Or the pictures that are just simply horribly taken. Target: keeping those that I would undoubtedly print or share.
  • Drama: yes, you read it just right. Let’s face it, we all know a couple of dramatic people that are just negative and suck the energy out of us. Those kind of “friends” who are overly sensitive if things don’t go their way. People that I don’t need in my life. Paraphrasing Grey’s Anatomy, I may not be of the shiny and bright kind, but I’m not looking for someone to come into my life to make it all dark. I’m more than capable enough to do that myself, so no need for extra help! Decluttering criteria: if the last couples of interactions the person has been mean and negative without reason, well, god bless you deary, but you’re out!
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I love my life, and I am grateful for all the great things that it has. Nevertheless, like in anything, you have to take care of what you let in, keep in and send away so you can continue to enjoy your life and make it evolve. Sounds very cliché, but it’s like a garden, in order to keep it beautiful you have to work on it, removing bad weeds, or plants that won’t grow back again.

We’ll see how my project goes!