Hitting the road again: visiting Lac Saint-Jean

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

Anita Desai

And we did it again! Some time ago, Mr. Love and I were invited by some friends to go on a camping trip to a Wildlife reserve located in the Mauricie Region.  Because we had some extra free days, we decided to extend our camping adventure by visiting the Lac St-Jean Region.

The what?

The whole name is Saguenay Lac St-Jean and is a Quebec region located on the northern part of the Saint Lawrence River. Because it is a big region in terms of territory and we spent only 2 rainy days visiting, we only went to two main places: Alma and Saguenay.

Photo credit: iamkarla.com

Why there?

This region is the third largest one in Quebec and is well known for the amazing landscapes, the delicious tourtière (a traditional meat pie) and the blueberries (the best!). In addition, my dear Mr. Love attended two schools in the area. Hence, for him, it was a long overdue visit to reconnect with and show me part of his memories.

Where exactly?

As I already  mentioned, the region is quite big and we went only for two days before our big camping trip with our friends. As such, we visited the two cities in which hubby lived: Alma and Saguenay. This latter used to be in fact two cities: Jonquière and Chicoutimi. Back in the time, the region was home to one of the biggest aluminium mining companies in the country. The influence of this company was so big, that they even developed a whole city to accommodate workers and their families.

The good

As I already mentioned, we were there for only two days… rainy and gray ones! So, aside from the cold beach that we only contemplated from afar and the beautiful Chicoutimi’s downtown, we did not do a lot of stuff. Yet, I can totally recommend two places for those who, like me and hubby, love poutine: Restaurant Goofy in Alma and Le P’Tit St-do in Saguenay (Jonquière).

At Goofy’s
Photo credit: iamkarla.com
At Le P’Tit St-do
Photo credit: iamkarla.com

The less fun

Definitely the rain! Other than that, things were just great!

The uptake

I loved the region. The landscapes are beautiful even despite the rainy days. People were amazing, I was even called Miss in one shop haha (FYI, I hate to be called madam!). There is a lot of history and connection with nature as well as the use of resources to develop a region. The economist in me was definitely impressed!

So, my recommendation for you is to try this region if you have the time and the interest of course. Maybe try to stay longer than I did haha. On the bright side, I definitely have the perfect excuse to come back!