Lessons learned: India

Travel far enough, you meet yourself
David Mitchell

I have been traveling from a very young age. I love airports and train stations. I love exploring, observing, asking questions, eating weird sounding meals, learning a few words in other languages and getting lost in new places. I have done different kinds of voyages: family trips, solo adventures, friends getaways and couple traveling. I have been to various kinds of places: beach, woods, mountains, deserts, you name it.
And there’s a communality in all of these trips: each and everyone has taught me something about the world and at least a thing or two about myself. They have opened my eyes to all sorts of realities. Of course, India is no exception and my three weeks spent over there gave me great insights into my own life. It’s incredible how you never stop knowing other people, including yourself! So, here are my top lessons from this adventure:

About the lady

Photo credit: iamkarla
  • I grew up in Mexico, not the most organized place on earth. Yet, by spending my adult life in Canada, I became well… more organized. Result: chaos brings the worst in me (to the annoyance of my misther Love).
  • Despite my lack of patience with chaos… I adapt easily to it, because of my childhood experiences and my observation skills, which brings me to my next point…
  • I have impressive observation skills! I like to observe what happens around me, from situations to people to food, to everything. I just didn’t know that I observed that much and that I actually learned from those observations! It’s so the case, that crossing the streets in India was a piece of cake and I even showed Love how to do it! All that thanks to my many visits to Mexico City.

    Photo credit: iamkarla
  • I can be so tough on my body. I will push myself to my limits and at some point I just burn out. And it’s all about wanting to see everything, visit every place, not missing a single spot. This is definitely something I need to work on.
  • Not the first time that I realize this, but yes, I do have a privileged life. I’m not talking about financial wealth here, as I’m far from being rich. I talk about being born and grow up in an environment in which many things were possible and even granted. I don’t remember worrying about food or shelter while growing up. My worries at that time were to have good grades at school and to eat as many pan dulce (traditional Mexican pastries) as possible. I grew up going to school and knowing that an university education was part of my path. Everyone in my family went to college, so it was a no brainer that I would go as well. The challenging part of having an education was to get a scholarship to pursue a masters degree. In other parts of the world, the challenge is to have the access to basic education, especially if you are a woman.

About the man

Photo credit: iamkarla
  • You never stop learning about your life partner. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with this person or the number of trips you’ve done together. Every time is different and brings something new about him/her and about your relationship.



  • My man is the most patient individual in the world! For moments, I was cranky, angry, grumpy and frankly insufferable… he was just there breathing, letting me be. He knew I would eventually calm down and become his sweet love once again.
  • Like in the movie, I can say to my love “you complete me”. We have always been a good team, even when we started seeing each other, it was clear that we kind of danced at the same pace. At home, in our everyday life, he is a great partner. Well, in extreme situations, he goes from excellent to outstanding. I don’t see myself visiting bazars, negotiating with merchants and getting the best deals without him by my side.