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When facing adversity, what to do? Where to go? This is what I'm learning in Sherly Sandberg's new book Option B that she wrote in collaboration with Adam Grant. Planning on visiting New Orleans? Is this place on your bucket list? Well, here are some of the places I loved when in the Big Easy! Click through to check out about this book.

What is it? The book Option B: Facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.

What’s all about? According to the publisher: From Facebook’s COO and Wharton’s top-rated professor, the #1 New York Times best-selling authors of Lean In and Originals: a powerful, inspiring, and practical book about building resilience and moving forward after life’s inevitable setbacks.

Why this book? it’s not secret that I admire Sheryl Sandberg (a.k.a Facebook’s number 2). I read her first book, Lean In and found it enlightening in so many ways (a post on that to come at some point). When I read in the news that her husband had passed away, it totally broke my heart. Not only because I was somewhat familiar with their love story, but also, because I lost my paternal figure at a young age. I know what grief is, I have experienced the pain, the sadness, that longing for the loved one who is no more. I know oh so well that, even after 20+ years, the sadness over losing someone never goes away, but it does fade a bit, and yes, you definitely find joy again. I am familiar with adapting from option A to option B. Sometimes, no matter what you do, as Sheryl was told once, option A is not possible. So, you better make the most of option B.

Current status: Almost done with chapter 3. So, basically, reading in progress. Liking it very mucho, so far.

What’s next?  It is my intention to finish this book and of course, I will share my impressions soon.

Want to read it? Find it here, here or here

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Hugs, K