The beauty of December…this year is basically gone!

It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready.

Sarah Kay

Photo: Daniel De Pablo Photography

It’s December already! This quote by US Poet Sarah Kay was so appealing to me, I mean, time goes so fast! I remember entering 2017 at the Cabaret Lion D’or in Montreal with a brass band playing under a very “prohibition period” festive vibe. Now, almost 12 months later, I cannot believe all the things that have happened ever since! I restarted this blog, traveled to India, discovered amazing corners of my province, brought my Love to visit my former region, went to fantastic art exhibitions, ate delicious food, read insightful books, and well, I experienced pregnancy loss. It’s been a very bittersweet year to be honest, but I have learnt so many lessons that are already shaping my present and will definitely have an effect on my future.

But hey! The year is not over yet, and this month is all about the holidays. Of course I have my projects, like making sure my cats leave our Christmas tree alone haha, and making decorations, hitting the many arts and crafts markets, trying new recipes, finishing some books, and put an end to my kitchen clutter. December is also party time! It’s all about the gatherings with friends and family members. This time, Love and I are hosting the family’s annual Christmas gathering. We’ll have both his and my family! And my family includes all my closest friends who are not going home this year. It’s gonna be crazy at home, and we just can’t wait!!!

The downside of this festive period is the shopping stress! In our case, since getting together, we decided not to have a gift exchange for Christmas. At least not material stuff, but experiences. We have the basic stuff and a bit more, so instead of pushing ourselves to become the worst hoarders (a tendency we both have), we prefer to do something out of our ordinary. Last year, we got our tickets to India, this year, it’ll probably be a more ink-y thing as we already have our tickets for our next trip tee-hee. This end of the year will be exciting!!

But before we open the champagne to welcome a New Year, let’s enjoy December and its snow, its lights and the emotions it brings. Let’s have fun with our beloved ones, and celebrate the big wins of this year while learning from the big losses. I for once, want to just take a moment to breath and thank life for all the experiences I went through during 2017. Even for those that broke my heart, because they made me grow a bit more. No, I’m not quite ready for December and its chaos… yet, I can’t wait to live it piece by piece!