Traveling advice: my best tips to pack light and efficiently!

Packing is my pet hate


With the holidays around the corner, a lot of people will start traveling to spend this period of the year with friends, family or on their own.  Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: you need to start packing. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be doing that at the very last minute. Hey, no shaming here ok? I get it, we live hectic lives, and December is the busiest time of the year. We are closing projects, going to holidays events, buying gifts and making plans for the weeks ahead. We have no time to pack until we have like 20 hours (or less) to get on the plane/car/train and go!

Having that in mind, I will be very quick in this post. My first piece of advice for you is this:

1) Stick to the basics

Meaning: take a basic piece of clothing, let’s say a pair of jeans and then try to match it with a couple of tops that could work for different occasions. Shoe wise is the same: basic pair of shoes, like flats or sandals that go with anything. The idea is to pack as lightly as possible and of course, in all simplicity.

How to pack efficiently when travelling? Click on post to get my tips on packing!

2) Whenever possible, plan in advance

Second piece of advice: a month or so in advance of your trip, sit down for 10 minutes and do a quick planning. Unless you get last minute travel plans, in which case I would definitely stick to advice 1, take a moment to plan ahead. Yes, things can change in a month in terms of weather and other natural changes. But despite meteorological oddities, seasons are rather cyclical and stable.

It doesn’t have to be an extensive planning, just a short list of basic stuff: jeans, shorts, a jacket if you’re traveling to a cold place. Follow the logic above: how many different combinations I can make with 3-4 pieces of clothing?

How to pack efficiently when travelling? Click on post to get my tips on packing!


Pros and cons of this approach


  • Light packing which translates in either smaller suitcase or plenty of space to fill it with all the stuff you will buy during your trip.
  • By planning ahead, you will have a general idea of what are you carrying with you… and what needs to be washed, or put out of the drawers.


  • You need to book a 10-15 minutes in your hectic schedule to do a research and find out about weather and in some cases cultural considerations.
  • Again, weather wise, things can definitely change from a day to another.


The most important thing is to be as stress free as possible in terms of packing, because let’s face it, we have to do it even if we hate it. So, if you can’t make it an enjoyable activity, at least make it pain free haha.