Unconditional love

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France

The big one arrived first. His name: Oso, bear in Spanish. He was beautiful with that cooperish brown fur. His heart was bigger than his size. He was rather quiet, and kind. Except with children, some mischievous kids had mistreated him in the past, so he took that on pretty much all the non familiar children who crossed his path.

The first time I met him, I was afraid of being rejected or attacked by him because he had never seen me before! Besides, I already had my cat, so I feard that her smell was all over me and then this big dog might not like it. What a surprise I got! This noble creature received me with his heart wide open. Every time I would leave my mother’s house, he would be the only one missing me and being really sad. During one of my visits, I knew we didn’t have much time left and I told him how much he meant to me. How much I loved his eyes and how glad I was of having met him in this life. A few months later, he left this world. So loved and so missed.

The second one, Popeye, what a prince! Spoiled, cute, with the “big dog” complex! Always (unintentionally) making us laugh and running around the yard by Oso’s side. When I first met him, of course he didn’t reject me. On the contrary, he made sure that I give him love and attention! He was more of a cat, knowing himself charming enough to get everyone eating out of his paw. And he was smart! He would hide at every bath time, bark until the lights were off so he could properly sleep, or crash on a visitor dog’s bed!

He was never sick, except for real bad teeth. That is why I never got to say goodbye. One day I would see him on FaceTime, two days later, the news came in: he had passed away after silently battling with pneumonia. We never knew he was sick, no sign, no hint. Yet, he left this world. So loved, so missed.

And yes, some people probably will roll their eyes because here I am, writing about dogs like if they were humans. No, they were not humans, yet they filled my life and that of my family like if they were. They gave us love, loyalty, and wonderful moments. They leave beautiful memories for us to cherish. And they deserve a space here, because they were an important part of my life. Because they always gave me an unconditional love.