When is the best time to start decorating your new place?


The exciting time: moving into a new place!

Yaaay, we have a new place which means a new opportunity to play with the space and to create a great ambiance to live in! Whatever your lifestyle, moving into a new place is quite an exciting phase for many people. If you ask me, I have moved about 10 times or more!! I spent my 20’s studying and/or working abroad, living with roommates, with a certain lovely friend, on my own and with love. So, if I know about something, it’s probably about packing efficiently and finding the perfect time to settle in after moving into a new space.

Is there a thing such as the “perfect time” to settle in?

Look, unless you are a natural interior designer with a super keen eye for style and of course, you connect with the places in a matter of seconds, you would probably need to calm down before jumping in your car and driving to that nice decoration store. I recently came across a lovely post in which the equally lovely blogger suggested some pre-moving shopping. Having done that myself a few times, I only can say… Not the best idea. If you are decorating with a budget, the opposite to pre shopping is a better alternative. Why? Because you may end up buying things that are useless and as such, you’ll have to give them away or sell them for cheaper.

As the highly chic and luxurious Sophie Paterson said during an interview back in 2015 “Decide beforehand on your scheme and do your research. Always ask for a fabric sample so that you can take it home and see how the colour changes in the light. Look on Pinterest and Instagram, and analyse what it is about certain rooms that you like. Build up a picture before you even begin to clarify your thoughts.” Meaning, take your time to see the place, to live it a bit, to start crafting things in your head, then on paper and then you hit that store.

Also, what about priorities?

If we are trying to stick to a tight budget, the best approach is to make the famous wish list. All needs and little extras should be written down, then it’s important to prioritize and assign a maximal amount to be spent at. For example, if you need a bed with a good mattress, plus the bedside table, plus a vanity, you have to decide, what’s the most important thing here? And how much are you willing to pay to have your bedroom entirely set up and decorated?

Speaking of money!

In addition, there are some pieces for which it is way better to splurge rather than to save, like couches or a good mattress. Why? Because if you invest on a good quality product, chances are that you won’t have to buy this again in many years. In 13 years, I’ve had only two mattresses! And I got rid of the first one out of superstition and not because it was totally wore off! In terms of decoration, I tend to do like with clothing: invest on big pieces that will last for a longtime, and be frugal when buying accent elements that are usually temporary.

OK, so, when is the best moment to start decorating then?

What does it mean in terms of time? It could go from 3 months to a year or even more, but that’s up to everyone. I’ve been a bit more than a year in our house, and it took me a year to finish the living room, 6 months for our bedroom, and about 3 months for my home office! It really was a matter of the rooms and the vision I had for each one of them. When I moved into the apartment before the house, it took me a year and a half to finish my bedroom, because I wanted the perfect painting to go above my bed. So yes, I spent more than a year looking around to find this unique piece that would reflect the me of the time and that would fit with my idea of bedroom.

So, all in all

Moving into a new place is always an exciting moment. We want to have this amazing dream “instagram/pinterest worthy” space ready within days of moving in! That’s normal, however, the best approach is to go little by little, building something that reflects who you are and that is also practical and you can actually live!